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What Gary Said

We defend product quality as our lives, We cherish new design as our soul. Find us and let's fashion the world. am Gary, a Sunny and shiny guy am not a server, but a maker and carrier. I make glass and carry them to every customer. am not alone, i am one of the team. Sunny Glassware, the leading candle container manufacturer in China. Sunny deeply implanted in glass container industry over 30 years, focusing on candle container in the latest 10 years. Sunny grow very fast, become very famous and won very good public praise in the US and Australia market. What makes Sunny Success? Good supply chain management. Nothing else. But how exactly does Sunny manage the supply chain? The answer is five S.


 System Dream

Sunny is very big family. The Founder Mr Xu and Ms Yang takes every employee as family member. Staff work for Sunny not just can get good salary, but also can achieve self-worth and exceed themselves. All Sunny member are building the same dream.

I am Sunny; I am glass. I am what i am; I am who i am. Be myself, do myself. Everyday is Sunny Day.



 System Ship date

Sunny’s order amount always take the rate 30% to 50% of the most partner’s whole annual selling. Sunny never push hard on partner’s price, but always work under much better payment term than internal market company. Sunny’s partners appreciate Sunny and take Sunny’s every order very seriously. Sunny’s partner grow with Sunny all the time. Plus sunny has a strength purchase team following every step. This help Sunny’s every order lead time controls within 5 weeks. Under this short production lead time, factory has more time to produce more order. Customer has more time expand marketing.


 System Communication

 Every sales team supervisor of Sunny has over 10 years working experience, well known product knowledge and customer communicate skill. Sunny employ overseas customer service staff and build overseas office recently, this help the working more smooth. Sunny has local office at every purchase industry area, this help Sunny get all the production information more truly and fast.



 System Price

Sunny has over 200 long term cooperated partners in China mainland, HK, Taiwan, Vietnam, India , Indonesia, Thailand and East Europe. Sunny considering area strength to purchase row material, components and decorating or assembling in different location to provide customer the best quality product in best price. Sunny just charge the customer reasonable margin.


 System Quality

The quality control is Sunny’s live basic. Sunny has very strict quality control policy. Every order will be inspect follow the company standard from row material, container forming, decoration, package, components, etc every process and transporting to customer. Sunny has large QC team which members all have many years working experience quartered at each industry area. Each shipment must pass the inspection to ship out.